Feminine Nature

This series is an invitation to awaken our personal and sensual relationship with nature. Something magical happens when we bare ourselves to the elements and let cold water take our breath away, or raindrops tickle our skin, or nestle into a bed of leaves. We are brought entirely into the moment, enraptured by sensation. By effect, the moment is made sacred, allowing transformation to occur. I live for these moments, and strive to capture the magic with these paintings.



I believe that water has healing qualities. I have experienced it. The oceans comforting embrace has helped me through the worst of times, soothing the pain of trauma and loss. Being submerged cocoons us from our troubles and holds us in a familiar, primal way. Our first nine months of life we are cradled in water. Have you ever noticed how children love to swim? It's like pure joy to them. I think that returning to that buoyant state of bliss has the potential to heal and transform us. 



Being on the water is my happy place no matter the context. Paddling out and just floating outside the break is one of my favorite things to do. If I’m lucky enough to catch a wave, it is ultimately exhilarating. Yet, just being on a board, weightlessly feeling every nuance of the waters surface is enough for me. I’ve been visited by dolphins and turtles just hanging out, and it is also an epic place to watch the sunset!


Just Add Water

Artistically, I am fascinated by the swirling colors and patterns on the waters surface. I am entranced by sparkles and soothed by swells. For me, the ocean feels like home. I basically grew up on the water, exploring the beautiful and wild San Juan Islands with my family. Later, I lived on my own sailboat for a number of years. There is something so comforting about floating and being rocked by the sea. Maybe it is because we are mostly water, it beckons us to return to our natural, relaxed state, free from the limitations of solid ground. It is this peaceful feeling which I hope to convey within this series.