Creating my paintings is a multi faceted process. It begins with an experience, in nature, with you, me and a camera. This part of the process may just be my favorite part. Not only is it totally exhilarating for me to get to help create the magic, I have found it to be a powerful experience for whom I am taking pictures of. There is something transformative about shedding our costumes and baring ourselves to nature. And then to be photographed! It seems to bring forth our raw, wild beauty that is normally hidden behind layers of clothing. When we allow our primal nature to come forth, our true selves get to come out to play!

We are blessed to have our own swimming pool at our home, providing a very personal and private experience for underwater shots. Or if your’e so inspired we can venture into nature! I’m totally into helping create whatever vision you may have for your soul inspired self portrait.

This is absolutely my passion and I would love to collaborate with you to create something wonderful for you to celebrate being you! You will have a unique work of art that is sure to become a family heirloom.

Please send me a message and share your ideas. I can’t wait to create some magic with you!


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